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Itex Weekly - Referral Appreciation

Referral Appreciation

The referral program at ITEX continues to be popular for the local ITEX members.

For every referral that joins they receive $100 ITEX dollars.

On top of that, when you refer us a new member that joins the ITEX network, ITEX Corporate will waive all monthly fees for three months. This can create a significance saving for the members.

Recently Scott McCoig owner of Flower Ridge Farms , joined ITEX.  He owns a large landscape design and installation company here in Raleigh.  Anna Llewellyn, General Manager of the local Raleigh franchise, commented on how aggressively Scott has been in bringing referrals to her.

“Scott believes in our system and wants others in the local business community to experience the benefits ITEX can bring to their business. Make no mistake about it, he is also helping us grow so that he can have more trading partners and potential customers for himself. The monthly fee reduction he attains by participating in the ITEX referral program is just icing on the cake.”

Scott recently referred both Maaco of Raleigh and Fantastic Sam’s to the group, great new members who will fit in beautifully with the local membership base.

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