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Upcoming Events

GROW Your ITEX business by sharing the member benefits with your friends and associates!

Have you ever tried to describe your experience with ITEX Barter Company with a fellow business owner, only to see them scratch their head, and say, “I really don’t see how that works“. or “I can’t pay my employees with it & I can’t spend it at WalMart, so how can it benefit my business?” Sure you have!

With our informational tools and programs, we aim to make it incredibly easy to introduce Itex to your family, friends, and business associates.  One of our most successful tools is the “Lunch & Learn” program.

In order to get the most out of this seminar and expand your trade opportunity, we are requesting that your prospect be verified by Anna as a business type that our members can benefit the most from.

We invite your guest to enjoy a complimentary lunch while we present ITEX in a clear and concise manner, showcasing the benefits and marketing opportunities we have to offer. Our goal is to provide the clarification on how their business can increase business and benefit from our barter network. We will also will have additional non-barter related speakers & topics presenting.  There will be no high pressure sales tactics here! We are here to teach and learn.

Please Note:

This event is RSVP Only and we only have a certain number of seats available! Call or click here to email Anna to reserve your guest’s seat TODAY!

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